Things you should always have in your vehicle

In Hershey, PA, you can count on Options Insurance Agency to offer you the customer service you deserve. It is crucial to be protected with reliable auto insurance, but sometimes you need some minor help on the side of the road or in an emergency.

Here are some things we suggest to have in your car:

In the trunk

On the practical side, you always need to have a spare tire and a jack in your trunk. No one has full-size spare tires anymore, but the donut will get you 50 miles. A can of Fix a Flat can come in very handy if it isn’t a significant burst. Make sure you know how to operate your jack or, if you don’t, have a roadside service you can call. 

Having a charger unit of some sort, like a Halo, can make all the difference when your vehicle decides it doesn’t want to start. At the very least, you need to carry jumper cables. 

Be prepared for the weather with a blanket, sweatshirt, hat, and other things to keep you warm if the weather is cold. Always carry some water in the trunk as well. Having something to drink is vital for your comfort. You may want to include snacks, choose something that won’t go bad in a short time, and check the dates from time to time. 

A first aid kit and an emergency kit are easy to store and come in very handy if something goes wrong. 

In the glove box

You should have your vehicle registration and insurance card in the glove box. It is also the place to keep a tool that cuts a seatbelt and breaks a window if you are ever in an accident involving water-submersion. 

In the vehicle

Like most people, you need to carry a charging cord for your phone or tablet. You also may need a phone holder so you can go hands-free. An easy pass is important if you travel on roads that have tolls and a bottle of water. 

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