Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you have a Pennsylvania business, it’s essential that you have commercial insurance policies to keep it protected. If you don’t have the necessary commercial policies, you could be on the hook for an enormous amount of money after an accident. To ensure that your business operates legally, you need the required insurance policies to comply with state laws. You can call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA to get started when you need commercial insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This commercial insurance protects your business in case of an accident that happens at work and leaves an employee injured. In Pennsylvania, state law decrees that if you have any employees, even just one, you have to have this insurance for them. This is true no matter how many hours they work each week, including seasonal workers. This insurance pays for the medical bills and other expenses due after someone is injured at work. It also gives them disability benefits if that should become necessary. This is vital protection for your business, so it doesn’t end up owing a huge amount for medical bills and disability payments. Make sure you always have this in place, no matter how many employees you have. It could just save your business. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

In Pennsylvania, every business that is the legal owner of a vehicle must carry a commercial auto insurance policy. This is the case for all of the vehicles your company owns. The policy you get has to have certain amounts of coverage. You are required to have two different amounts of coverage for bodily injury liability as well as an amount for property damage liability. In addition, you have to have an amount for medical benefits. You can also add other coverage types to your policy if you choose to. 

Get Commercial Insurance

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