Home Insurance: Know the Facts

If you own a home in Hershey, PA, you should protect it with insurance coverage. Home insurance not only protects your structure but your personal belongings. A home insurance policy from Options Insurance Agency can protect you against theft, fire, storms, or other natural disasters. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about homeowner’s insurance.


You can personalize a home insurance policy to meet your individual needs. If you own an expensive home, you may want higher limits on property damage to fully protect your investment. Valuable goods can be protected with additional coverage from an insurance rider. You can also choose the type of protection you want to match the risks you face where you live. The more coverage you have, the less you’ll pay out of pocket in the event of a disaster.


You can choose the deductible on your home insurance policy. This is the amount you’ll pay before your insurance takes over. A high deductible reduces the price of your policy. You should have financial resources to pay that deductible, however, without it hurting your budget.  

Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost

When insuring your home and belongings, you can choose between actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. Actual cash value covers the cost of repairing your home or replacing goods after depreciation. With replacement cost, your insurer will cover the cost of replacing your home or goods without taking off depreciation. A policy with replacement cost coverage will cost more but could pay off big time in the event of a major loss.


You can get discounts on your home insurance by bundling home and auto policies. Home upgrades that improve your security, plumbing, or electrical systems could also make you eligible for a discount on your policy.

To learn more facts about home insurance, contact Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA.