Avoiding Driving Distractions

We live in a busy world where everyone is hustling and bustling to get through the day. With everyone so preoccupied with so many things, it is easy to become distracted when driving, especially when you add the added distraction that comes with staying connected via online apps and other communication methods. 

With so many distractions while behind the wheel, drivers in Hershey, PA, need to take extra precautions when hitting the road. Our experts at Options Insurance Agency can help get you the coverage you need to keep you protected while driving. 

Hands-Free Calls

Using the Bluetooth technology in your vehicle, connect your cell phone, so you can accept and make calls without needing to pick up your phone. 

Dictate Texts

Some devices allow you to dictate who you send a text message to and what you want to say. Additionally, some devices recite text messages, so you do not have to look at your phone. 

Social Media

Do not be tempted to look at any of your social media apps while driving. Whatever you want to read can wait until you are somewhere else besides driving in the car. 

Navigation Guides

When needing assistance finding a location, it is best to input the address before leaving or pull over to do it. Additionally, some apps offer traffic updates, gas prices notifications, and more. Use the audio for these options and limit the number of glances you make to look at the phone. 

Though we cannot help you with the driving distractions in Hershey, PA, we can help get you the insurance coverage you need to stay protected while on the road. Call our agents at Options Insurance Agency to learn more about the different auto insurance options available.