Add-ons to consider for your auto insurance

When you are shopping for auto insurance in Pennsylvania, you may want to understand the different auto insurance options available for better coverage. When you partner with an agent like Options Insurance Agency located in Hershey, PA, we recommend the minimum coverage and introduce you to add-ons you can consider for your auto insurance for optimal coverage. 

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Road assistance

While car ownership introduces you to a limitless world of possibilities, mishaps are bound to happen. For instance, breakdowns are part and parcel of car ownership. And boy, you don’t want it to happen when you don’t have road assistance coverage.

This add-on provides the below services whenever your car stalls on the highway or any other location.

  • Jump-starting
  • Gas delivery
  • Puncture repair
  • Roadside mechanical repair
  • Towing

Zero depreciation cover

When you have this cover, and your car needs replacement or part replacement, your insurance will cover full costs without considering the depreciation factor.

Engine protection

The engine serves a pivotal role in powering your vehicle. Without it, your car is rendered useless. In light of this, you can safeguard your engine with this protection rider, especially if you live in areas susceptible to waterlogging. 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Regardless of how carefully you drive, accidents do happen even when you are not at fault. In such instances, PIP comes in handy, especially for drivers with little or no health insurance. In case of an accident, PIP covers medical costs, including surgery costs and ambulance fees, regardless of who was at fault. 

Auto insurance in Hershey, PA

Your car is a precious asset to you. As such, you need to purchase add-ons that suit your unique circumstances. For Pennsylvania residents, you can relax knowing that your auto insurance needs are well-taken care of by Options Insurance Agency situated in Hershey, PA. Contact us today whether renewing or shopping for new auto insurance.