5 Commonly Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

Are you thinking about getting your car insured? Auto insurance is coverage that helps cover the damages and costs incurred in an accident, collision, or non-collision related. It also helps in claims when you are involved in an accident that causes physical injury to others. The following are some of the commonly asked questions about auto insurance. If you have any other questions or want to purchase an auto insurance policy in Hershey, PA, you can trust Options Insurance Agency for sound advice.

What coverage do I need?

In most states, car owners are required to have minimum liability coverage, but this may not be enough to cover the losses in case of an accident. As such, you need additional insurance coverage in case you have valuable personal assets and comprehensive cover for non- collision-related damages.

Can I minimize my car insurance costs?

Different factors affect the premium costs of a car insurance policy. However, you can reduce these premiums by installing safety features in your automobile and paying a higher deductible fee.

Do I qualify for insurance discounts?

Depending on your occupational group and your state of residence, you may be qualified for car insurance discounts. You also qualify for discounts if you have a low credit score and a clean driving record. Consult with your insurance provider to determine which discounts you are eligible for. 

What does car insurance cover?

Different categories of car insurance cover unique risk aspects. Liability coverage is for damages related to at-fault accidents and pays for property damage, repairs, and medical costs from injuries sustained as well as legal fees. There are additional optional coverages like collision, comprehensive, uninsured, and underinsured motorist coverages.

Is auto insurance mandatory?

Every state in the United States has a legal requirement that all car owners insure their cars with minimum liability coverage. However, insurance laws and regulations vary from state to state, so visit your local insurer for an auto liability policy.

If you have questions about auto insurance, Options Insurance Agency serving Hershey, PA, can help give some clarity and guide on choosing the most suitable coverage for you.