Teen Driver Safety Tips

It is daunting to face your child’s first attempts at driving, but there are ways to make the transition safe. Be sure to contact your Options Insurance Agency when your child obtains their learner’s permit to ensure they are covered from day one. 

Hershey, PA drivers must have bodily injury liability, uninsured and underinsured insurance, first-party benefits, and property damage coverage. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, and motorists can opt into limited tort, which curtails their ability to sue, or full tort. 

 A lack of experience is the primary issue that new drivers face, and the longer they can spend being supervised, the better the outcome tends to be. They learn from your suggestions even if they resist this wisdom. 

Part of this practice should include taking them out during different weather conditions and various times of the day. They need to navigate traffic situations as well as the open road. A driver safety course will teach them defensive driving and provide oversight while practicing. 

Maintaining a curfew while your driver is still young is vital, limiting them to a cap of 9 or 10 o’clock at night for at least the first six months after they obtain their license. Do not allow them to ride with other teens. 

A seatbelt remains one of the easiest ways to avoid serious injury in a crash, and it’s good to set a good example for them in this regard. Make sure your safety features are fully functional in your teen’s vehicle. 

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