Does a Pet Daycare Need Commercial Insurance?

People who choose to open up their own pet daycares in Hershey, PA tend to have a deep passion for working with animals. They want pet owners to have the option to leave their pets with a trustworthy babysitter while at work or away on vacation. There are a variety of services offered by most pet daycares, and if you are the owner of one, it is imperative that you maintain proper insurance on your business. Let’s look at whether or not a pet daycare needs commercial insurance from Options Insurance Agency. 

Workers’ Compensation

There are many types of insurance that you may need to invest in when operating a pet daycare. For starters, if you have employees working for you, then you will need to purchase a workers’ compensation policy. This will allow you to have peace of mind in knowing if an employee gets injured while performing a work-related duty, your insurance can cover such things as the employee’s lost wages and more. The exact types of coverages that workers’ compensation insurance provides can be found in the fine print of the policy. 

General Liability and Umbrella Insurance

You’ll also want to buy general liability insurance. This way, if someone gets injured while on your business property, you can rest easy knowing you can’t be held responsible for bodily injury or property damage expenses. It is possible, however, for the limits of your policy to be exhausted, which is why considering an umbrella insurance policy is always a smart move to make. 

Business Owners

Another type of valuable insurance a pet daycare can purchase is a business owners policy, which usually includes general liability coverage as well as various forms of specific property damage coverage.

If you would like to learn more about the types of insurance that a pet daycare needs, please contact the Options Insurance Agency, serving the Hershey, PA area, today.