Can You Insure a Vehicle That Isn’t Registered Under Your Name?

There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to insure a vehicle they don’t own in Hershey, PA. It’s common when parents or family members buy a car for their loved ones. Maybe you’re giving a friend a loaner for a few months. Regardless, insurance in these cases can get tricky. That’s especially true if the registration doesn’t match the insurance. Options Insurance Agency is here with a little advice to help you understand if you can insure a vehicle that isn’t registered to you.

Mostly No

In general, the insurers want to see the name on the registration match the name on the insurance policy. In fact, some states require this by law. The philosophy behind it is that the owner of a vehicle has a stronger personal interest in caring for the car, and this reduces risk to the insurance provider. If the state allows (laws change over time), and the insurance company is on board, you can potentially overcome this by demonstrating an insurable interest in the car. How you do that will be up to the insurance company.

Do This Instead

There are two easier ways to insure a car that isn’t in your name (or vise versa). You can update the registration to have both names. Once that happens, only one of the two names is required to be on the policy, and everything runs smoothly. It can be a little costly to renew a registration early to do this, but it’s better than being uninsured.

The other option is to pay for insurance in someone else’s name. There are no requirements at all on who pays the bill. You only need to be sure that the person who drives the car is named somewhere in the policy. This usually isn’t a big deal. There is one word of warning. If you think it at all necessary, you can write a legally binding contract to make sure the initial arrangement is honored by both parties.

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