When Is It Time For Elderly Parents To Stop Driving?

As your parents begin to age, so many different factors need to be considered. One important factor is driving safety. Our staff at Options Insurance Agency, serving Hershey, PA, and the surrounding areas, are here to help you navigate important questions like this. Keep reading to learn more. 

Should I Address My Elderly Parents About Driving?

This can be a very uncomfortable topic for adult children who are concerned about their elderly parents. Not only can this topic be uncomfortable, but it can also be a very sensitive topic. The reason for this is that, in most cases, elderly parents are not aware that there is a problem with their driving. It is often the responsibility of adult children to address this issue. 

There are a few telling signs that will alert you to the fact that your parents may need to stop driving. Let’s look at a few. 

Failing Eye Sight 

If your parent’s eyesight is failing rapidly, and eyeglasses do not correct it enough for safe driving, it might be time that they hand driving responsibilities over to someone else. You will be able to tell if this is a problem by listening to their complaints or even by talking with their eye doctor. 

Confusion or Dementia 

It is pretty common for people to deal with memory or cognition issues as they grow older. If your parent is suffering from severe confusion or dementia, though, you should consider discussing driving safety. Confusion or dementia could put your parents at extreme risk while driving. 

Loss of Hand-Eye Coordination 

The loss of hand-eye coordination is another common ailment for the elderly. Although it is considered normal to deal with this as you age, it is still considered a huge obstacle for safe driving. 

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