Talking To New Drivers About Auto Insurance

Is there a more exciting time to be a teen than earning your own driver’s license? Options Insurance Agency would like to share the joys of driving with all our Hershey, PA teen drivers this year. While insurance may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re eager to get behind the wheel, it should be! That’s why we’ve assembled this quick and easy guide to first-time driver’s auto insurance.

It’s The Law!

Even teens are required to have an insurance policy on their vehicle once they start driving alone. Every driver is required by PA law to carry a certain minimum coverage for bodily injury and property damage. This type of policy, known as liability insurance, typically only covers cases where you are found at fault for an accident. You may want to consider additional coverage for cases when you aren’t at fault, but the other driver is not insured or does not have adequate coverage. There are other options available too, so make sure you discuss your individual concerns with your insurance agent!

Be Responsible!

Safe driving is smart driving. Not only will you be at less risk for accidents, but you could also be rewarded for your good behavior. Maintaining a clean driving record can open more insurance options for you. Getting good grades, taking safety courses, and being involved with local safe driving teen programs are excellent ways to improve your reputation with your insurance agency. 

Explore Your Options!

The type of vehicle you choose can have a major effect on the kind of insurance policy you’ll need. It can also play a major role in your accident risk factor. The safest vehicle type for a new driver is a mid-size sedan.

Options Insurance Agency encourages new drivers in Hershey, PA to contact us today to learn more about auto insurance!