When is someone required to have home insurance?

The Hershey, PA area continues to be a good place to own a home. Those that are in this area will benefit from a strong economy and local amenities that keep demand for housing high. If you are going to purchase real estate when you are here, you will need to have insurance for your home. There are some situations when having home insurance is a requirement.

When Located in an Association

A common situation when someone will be required to have a home insurance plan is when they are located in a home association. If you have bought a home in an association, the organization will likely have home insurance standards that all owners need to meet. Most associations will even require you to provide evidence of coverage on an annual basis. 

When Taking Out a Mortgage

You should also get home insurance to comply with mortgage lender requirements. A mortgage lender will provide a loan that is used to purchase a home and will take your property as collateral until the loan is paid off. Due to this, a mortgage lender will want you to have the proper insurance to ensure the home is covered and protected. They will often require that you escrow payments for insurance as it will ensure there is not a coverage lapse. 

There continue to be plenty of situations when having home insurance is a requirement. When you are looking to properly insure your home in the Hershey, PA area, speaking with Options Insurance Agency is a good idea. There are many factors to consider as you are looking for home insurance and Options Insurance Agency can make the decision-making process easier for you. This can help ensure you remain appropriately covered and in compliance with requirements. 

Commercial insurance options for small businesses

Commercial insurance options for small businesses

You have already risked more than enough starting a small business. That means you need to protect it at all costs. As a small business owner in Hershey, PA, the best way to protect your investment is by buying insurance. You also need to know which coverages are more important for your business and which ones to ignore. Here are a few options to choose from.

Business liability insurance

Every business requires liability coverage. You are likely to get sued by third parties whether you deal with clients directly or indirectly. From unsatisfied customers to accidents you’re not in control of, there are thousands of reasons why another party may file a lawsuit against you. This insurance helps cover the legal fees and what you are found liable for.

Property insurance

You will need property insurance to protect your business environment and its contents. Think about fire, theft, and other accidents that could lead to financial losses. At Options Insurance Agency, we recommend choosing a comprehensive plan to cover the property used in the business up to specific limits. This may include computers, furniture, technology, and inventory.

Workers’ compensation

Whether you have one employee or a hundred, you need workers’ compensation to protect your employees. It is a mandatory policy in Pennsylvania that pays for medical bills and income benefits for employees who get injured while working at your company.

Commercial umbrella insurance

If you run a business that is at risk of getting involved in lawsuits, you may need commercial umbrella insurance to protect you from accidents that go beyond the liability covered in other policies. Major cases can harm your business financially and even lead to a close down.

There exist many insurance coverages for businesses, and you don’t need all of them. If you are in Hershey, PA, our insurance professionals at Options Insurance Agency can work with you and determine which coverages match your business needs.

Cyber Liability Insurance: What is it?

Running a business is inherently risky for people being injured while at the office to property damage, but one of the risks that is often overlooked is technology. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and while many assume that only large companies are targeted for data breaches and hacks, that is simply not true. Any company that stores sensitive customer or company data such as intellectual property, trade secrets, credit cards, social security numbers, and bank account information is at a higher risk of being attacked. 

While using data encryption tools and other software solutions is one defense mechanism against cyber threat actors, it only takes one hacker to be able to infiltrate your network. Consequently, cyber liability insurance provides a safeguard by offering financial protection and other benefits to business owners in the event that you suffer a cyberattack. In short, cyber liability insurance helps cover the following:

  • Regulatory fines from local and federal authorities
  • Legal services
  • Lost income from an outage
  • Lawsuits from customers or employees related to privacy and data breaches
  • The expense associated with notifying customers about a data breach or hack
  • Assistance in paying for identity protection monitoring for impacted customers or employees

The cost of cyber liability insurance varies greatly depending on the number of customers that you are storing sensitive data on, the type of information being stored, total revenue for the business, and any previously filed claims.

When it comes to finding a commercial insurance policy for your business gives the team at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA a call. Our talented team of insurance professionals will work tirelessly to customize a policy that meets all the needs of your business. 

Is Commercial Insurance Just for Liability?

It’s great that you’re running a business in Hershey, PA. It can be one of the best experiences of your life. While you’re doing everything you can to make the business succeed, you’re going to have to spend some time learning about insurance. Do you have commercial insurance? Do you only need it for liability? Options Insurance Agency has some fast and easy answers to your biggest questions.

The Short Answer Is No

There is a commercial policy for every type of coverage business can need. Commercial property insurance can be used to protect your location from damage and theft. Commercial auto insurance can help with repairs or replacement in the event of an auto accident. Worker’s compensation insurance is extremely important, and it is classified as a commercial policy. It certainly would not be considered liability insurance. It’s important to make sure you explore all of your insurance options when you’re running a business.

Liability Is Still Important

While commercial insurance can cover many situations that don’t involve liability, liability insurance is often one of the most important aspects of coverage for a business. A business can be liable for errors or omissions in contracts, personal injury, property damage, data, and plenty more. Liability coverage protects you from lawsuits related to these problems, so it is vital that your business has adequate protection.

The best way to ensure that you’re safe and ready to face all of these challenges is to deeply explore your options. The easiest way to do that is to have a conversation with your representative at Options Insurance Agency. They can get to know your business and your overall liabilities. They can also help you navigate the most common issues for businesses in Hershey, PA. When you’re done, you can have insurance that you trust to protect your business and free your efforts to run it to the best of your ability.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Pennsylvania Business?

Your business is not only a substantial financial investment. It’s a considerable investment of yourself, your time, and your passion. You will want to protect it in any way possible, which includes obtaining a commercial insurance policy. In Pennsylvania, there are specific laws that require commercial business insurance to keep you, your property, and your employees protected.

Pennsylvania law requires that all employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance. This includes employees that are full-time, part-time, or seasonal. This policy will cover medical bills for any injuries or illnesses they sustain at work.

You must also have commercial auto insurance on all business-owned vehicles if your business is located in Pennsylvania. Commercial auto insurance requirements include having a policy for bodily injury liability with at least $15,000 worth of coverage per person or $30,000 per accident and property damage liability of $5,000 per accident. You can also add a policy of $5,000 for medical benefits.

A business owner’s insurance policy may be the best way to go since it covers general liability, such as customer injury or damage to a customer’s property due to a product or service you offer or while the person is visiting your business location. This policy also covers your building, equipment, and inventory from damage or loss from events, such as tornadoes, fires, hail storms, and vandalism. A business owner’s insurance policy also includes the required policies under Pennsylvania law. So, in other words, it’s everything you need all rolled into one policy.

To determine the best commercial policy for your Pennsylvania-based business, you will want to contact a trusted insurance agent who has the knowledge and experience it takes to provide you with the best options that are available to you and your beloved business.

In the Hershey, PA area, contact the trusted commercial business insurance agents at Options Insurance Agency for an appointment to discuss your options. Our team in Hershey, PA will be happy to get you started with a quote.

Commercial Insurance Helps Businesses Recover Quickly When Disasters Strike

When you established your business, you based it around a great new product or a service that would improve customers’ lives. Over time and with hard work, you developed your vision into reality. Now, it is time to protect it with commercial insurance. One way that commercial insurance protects your business is that it will allow it to recover quickly if a disaster strikes. Our agents at Options Insurance Agency, serving Hellertown and Hershey, PA, can help you get the coverage that your business needs.

To get the coverage that you need to protect your business during a disaster, your agent will recommend the combination of several policies. Property insurance covers any buildings that the company owns. Even further, it includes the contents of the premises, such as inventory, materials, and equipment. Liability protection protects the company should some be injured by its products or services or at an onsite location. To safeguard employees injured at work, there is a worker’s compensation policy. Additional coverage can be added if you need commercial auto insurance or professional liability coverage. To further protect your business from disasters, some owners invest in business continuity coverage. This provides financial protection if a business is temporarily unable to operate. Flood insurance is also available. 

Our team at Options Insurance Agency in the Hershey, PA area can recommend the types of commercial insurance that your business needs. They get to know your business so that they suggest the best coverage to protect your business financially. You’ve put your heart and soul into growing your business and bringing new ideas into the marketplace. Don’t let your business be at risk from disaster. There are many options to keep it growing even if a catastrophe strikes. Call or come by today to discover your options! 

How the Businessowners Policy Can Protect Your Small Business

If you have a small business in Hershey, PA or nearby, you know how important it is to protect your company from liability issues and more. This is entirely possible when you have a business owner’s policy (BOP). A quality insurance company like Options Insurance Agency can help you set this up.

How a BOP Protects Your Business

When you have a business, there’s always going to be a risk of liability. With a BOP, you’ll have coverage for your business’s financial and physical assets.

You’ll have protection for all of your property and liability risks rolled into one package. They are ideal for small and mid-sized businesses and provide you with broad coverage. It combines commercial property insurance with general liability insurance for your convenience. Sometimes, you can get Business Interruption Insurance included in this.

The most significant benefit of doing it this way (besides simplifying something that’s usually quite complex) is that you will save money over having to purchase each policy separately.

  • Property Damage: Your policy will cover any damages resulting from unexpected events at your property. This includes burst pipes that cause damage to your inventory.
  • Bodily Injury/Medical Expenses: Slip-and-falls are covered under this, as well as any other instances of customers or employees getting injured while on your business property or from conducting typical work tasks, not through their own fault.
  • Lost Income: Business Owners Insurance also will cover some lost income, like if you have to stop business operations for a while. This usually is for up to a period of 12 months. It covers things like rent payments, relocation to a temporary location, and employee payroll.

A few classes of individuals qualify for BOP. This includes suppliers, parties to a work contract, employees, and the business itself.

If you’d like to learn more about Business Owners Insurance, reach out to Options Insurance Agency, serving the greater Hershey, PA area.


Can You Take Out Two Commercial Policies on the Same Property?

Commercial insurance is something that any and all business owners should have and can benefit from greatly. That being said, there are some basics to keep in mind when it comes to insuring a commercial property so that you can do it right. For those in the Hershey, PA area, the agents with Options Insurance Agency can help you to find the right insurance policy for you.

When it comes to insuring a commercial property, in most cases you are only ever going to be able to insure a property with one policy. The reason is that insurance agencies are afraid of insurance fraud. Taking out more than one policy on the same property does raise some red flags in that it may mean you are going to try to insure the property for more than it is worth, you may be trying to get a double payout, or you may be trying to get more insurance than you actually need for the property as well. In most cases, you are not going to be able to take out two policies on the same property, especially if the total of those policies is more than the property is worth.

You can adjust the coverage of your policy or you can get an umbrella policy if you feel that you need more coverage than what the policy you currently have offers. With an umbrella policy you can add more coverage without having to change your first policy and without having to try and get another policy from a different agency. For those in the Hershey, PA area, the agents with Options Insurance Agency can help you to find the perfect commercial policy that fits your needs and the commercial business or property that you are working to insure.  

Freelance Plumber Insurance Needs,

As a freelance plumber in Hershey, PA, you need to do what you can to protect your business and your work. One of the most important of these steps that you can take is to contact us at Options Insurance Agency to buy a commercial insurance policy that covers your needs adequately. 

Commercial insurance is typically an excellent choice for several reasons. First of all, policies can protect your customers from any damage you cause and also protect your business from their lawsuits. Secondly, many policies protect the items in your business to keep them secure. 

Most of the time, commercial policies for freelance plumbers fall into several different categories. You can choose a plan that has one or more of these options and often can mix and match them as you see fit. However, you should always try to get the policy that covers as much as possible. 

For example, you’ll probably need property insurance as a plumber. This type of policy protects you from theft or damage to your expensive equipment. For example, any of your wrenches, trenchless repair tools, or other critical items are protected by this type of policy. 

Other types you need to consider include general liability and professional liability. The first time will cover you if anybody suffers damage on your premises caused by your work and the second covers expenses that occur if your work causes problems to a customer, such as if a burst pipe you caused damages a homeowner’s house. 

The nature of these policies make them very essential for Hershey, PA freelance plumbers and shouldn’t’ be ignored. So if you’re looking for significant policies and you want to find the ones that work for you, please contact us at Options Insurance Agency to learn more about your many options. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Business?

A general commercial liability policy is not required in Hershey, PA, but there some businesses that are required to carry workers compensation insurance or commercial auto insurance. A business with four or more regular employees, whether they are full time or part time, must have workers compensation insurance. Any business that relies on vehicles will also need to have the proper commercial auto insurance.

While a general liability policy and other types of commercial insurance may not be required by the state, there are a number of benefits that come with having it, especially if you have a business that could be considered high risk. An agent at Options Insurance Agency can help you come up with the right policy for your risk. A general liability policy will pay for bodily injury, personal injury, property damage to another person’s property, advertising injury, and legal defense and judgments. Since there aren’t any award caps in the state, having a lawsuit against your business can be financially devastating. The statute of limitations for personal injury and product liability is three years. The statute of limitation for intentional conduct is two years. Accidents can happen at any time to any business, so having insurance can protect your assets. Without insurance, any accidents that do occur will have to be paid out of pocket, which could wipe out any profits. A reasonable estimate is to have between $500,000 and $1 million for your liability policy.

If your business has a lot of inventory or specialized equipment, you may want to consider commercial property insurance. Not only does this cover damage to the building your business operates in, but it also covers any equipment and inventory inside the building.

Contact Options Insurance Agency, serving Hershey, PA, to get a quote on commercial insurance.