Types of commericial insurance recommended for small businesses

Every business has considerable amounts of risk involved, even small ones in Bristol and Hershey, PA. This is why it is always recommended to get a commercial insurance package that fits the operation of your industry. If you would like a custom plan, check out Options Insurance Agency.

Businesses Liability

Liability insurance is your first legal defense against lawsuits that may arise from injuries or damages. Especially considering if your business has a lot of public contacts, this is one of the most critical insurance policies to have.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company handles its own logistics or employee transportation, this is another must-have. Even if your employees provide their own vehicles, it is still a good idea to have non-owned insurance in case their policies do not cover a sufficient amount in damages.

Worker’s Compensation

If you ever have employees injured on the job, having worker’s compensation coverage will save you a lot of money. Since the employee will give up his rights to sue in case of an injury, the results of an incident will mostly be predictable. In some areas and under certain conditions, it may be mandatory to have this type of coverage.

Professional Liability

If your company’s services were improperly delivered or executed, this type of coverage will help against a legal battle. This is especially useful for high-skilled firms or agencies where errors have critical ramifications.

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A lot of small business owners in Bristol and Hershey, PA may have the habit of lacking insurance, considering that it is more of a big business thing. On the contrary, a small business may be squished like a bug from a major lawsuit if one does come along. It is best to keep yourself covered with at least a minimal amount of insurance. If you are shopping around for a commercial insurance package, consider consulting with Options Insurance Agency.