Ways to Improve Your Home for Winter…Now!

Winter in Hershey, PA can be a bit harsh on a home, and if folks don’t prepare for the things that a temperature change can impact, it can turn into big problems in the coldest part of the year. The most common problem tends to be the pipes, but a pipe burst is not the only problem that can occur. This is where winter prevention that is done regularly in the Fall can be both a headache saver as well as a big boost for how your Hershey, PA insurance provider treats you regarding your homeowner’s insurance. Here’s how, and the tips are really easy according to Options Insurance Agency:

  • Got outdoor pipes that are exposed? Wrap them up with some insulation tape. Easily found at a hardware store, it gives just enough layer around the pipe to prevent freezing and pipe bursting as the water inside turns to expanding ice.
  • Lots of ice on your roof typically? A simple copper heating wire net keeps the snow from piling up on your roof and the weight off. The wire is heating just enough to make the snow melt. It’s not hot, but the snow can’t build up due to the slight warmth.
  • Clear your gutters. Jammed up gutters trap water, which can be heavy, causing the gutters to tear off. Clearing them out keeps the rainwater moving down and out, versus ruining your home.
  • Speaking of gutters, run a simple chain from the top of the gutter to a simple rock pile at the bottom if there’s no downspout. Water will run down the chain, and the rocks prevent the drainage from damaging your cement or digging a hole from impact in the lawn.
  • Turn your water off when gone on extended vacation. This avoids a water leak going for days because no one sees it at home.

To find out more tips or how to improve your insurance policy with your changes, call Options Insurance Agency. Our staff are experts in finding insurance discounts based on home improvements, and a simple email can save you a lot!