Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Each state has its own requirements for the types of insurance a business must-have. In Pennsylvania, two types of commercial insurance are required for most businesses. If you do business in the state, you need to know about the necessary commercial insurance to operate legally. Call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA if you need commercial insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Pennsylvania, every business with employees must cover them with workers’ compensation insurance. That’s true no matter how many employees you have and whether they work full or part-time. This also includes seasonal workers. This insurance will pay for the medical help and lost wages that need to be paid after an employee has had an accident at work or developed a work-related illness. It can also cover legal costs if there are any. This insurance is vital because it protects your business from having to pay medical bills and other expenses in the event of an accident. It also protects employees, ensuring funds are available if they are injured. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Any vehicle in the state-owned by a private business must have a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy will pay for accidents that are caused by the vehicle. There are different types of coverage required to be included in the policy, including bodily injury liability, medical benefits, and property damage liability. There are two amounts of coverage required for bodily injury liability. These include an amount for one injured person and another for all injured people. 

Get Commercial Coverage

If you need commercial coverage, make sure your business has what has been mandated as well as any other policies that could be helpful. Call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA to find out what commercial insurance you need.