Things you should always have in your vehicle

In Hershey, PA, you can count on Options Insurance Agency to offer you the customer service you deserve. It is crucial to be protected with reliable auto insurance, but sometimes you need some minor help on the side of the road or in an emergency.

Here are some things we suggest to have in your car:

In the trunk

On the practical side, you always need to have a spare tire and a jack in your trunk. No one has full-size spare tires anymore, but the donut will get you 50 miles. A can of Fix a Flat can come in very handy if it isn’t a significant burst. Make sure you know how to operate your jack or, if you don’t, have a roadside service you can call. 

Having a charger unit of some sort, like a Halo, can make all the difference when your vehicle decides it doesn’t want to start. At the very least, you need to carry jumper cables. 

Be prepared for the weather with a blanket, sweatshirt, hat, and other things to keep you warm if the weather is cold. Always carry some water in the trunk as well. Having something to drink is vital for your comfort. You may want to include snacks, choose something that won’t go bad in a short time, and check the dates from time to time. 

A first aid kit and an emergency kit are easy to store and come in very handy if something goes wrong. 

In the glove box

You should have your vehicle registration and insurance card in the glove box. It is also the place to keep a tool that cuts a seatbelt and breaks a window if you are ever in an accident involving water-submersion. 

In the vehicle

Like most people, you need to carry a charging cord for your phone or tablet. You also may need a phone holder so you can go hands-free. An easy pass is important if you travel on roads that have tolls and a bottle of water. 

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Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you have a Pennsylvania business, it’s essential that you have commercial insurance policies to keep it protected. If you don’t have the necessary commercial policies, you could be on the hook for an enormous amount of money after an accident. To ensure that your business operates legally, you need the required insurance policies to comply with state laws. You can call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA to get started when you need commercial insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This commercial insurance protects your business in case of an accident that happens at work and leaves an employee injured. In Pennsylvania, state law decrees that if you have any employees, even just one, you have to have this insurance for them. This is true no matter how many hours they work each week, including seasonal workers. This insurance pays for the medical bills and other expenses due after someone is injured at work. It also gives them disability benefits if that should become necessary. This is vital protection for your business, so it doesn’t end up owing a huge amount for medical bills and disability payments. Make sure you always have this in place, no matter how many employees you have. It could just save your business. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

In Pennsylvania, every business that is the legal owner of a vehicle must carry a commercial auto insurance policy. This is the case for all of the vehicles your company owns. The policy you get has to have certain amounts of coverage. You are required to have two different amounts of coverage for bodily injury liability as well as an amount for property damage liability. In addition, you have to have an amount for medical benefits. You can also add other coverage types to your policy if you choose to. 

Get Commercial Insurance

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Does Home Insurance Cover Severe Storm Damage?

Like much of the country, Hershey, PA sees its share of severe storms throughout the year. While many are a show of lightning or strong winds, others can cause minor to significant damage to your property. The question is, does your home insurance policy cover severe storm damage?

Coverage Range

According to the agents at Options Insurance Agency, several natural disasters are covered by standard home insurance policies. These include damage due to hail, wind (including tornadoes), or lightning. A typical home insurance policy also covers fires created by these natural occurrences.

What is not Covered?

The following issues aren’t covered in a policy for a Pennsylvania home:

  • Mudslides
  • Landslides
  • Floods resulting from storms
  • Earthquakes

You can obtain coverage for these issues by adding a rider to an existing home insurance policy. In the case of floods, your mortgage company may ask you to purchase insurance to cover this natural disaster if you live near a water source.

What if I Don’t Get a Rider?

Overall, you may not need a rider for the items mentioned above. For instance, if you live in an area that’s not near mountains or a river, you probably don’t need additional coverage for mudslides or floods. If you’re unsure, speak to an insurance agent for guidance.

In the end, protecting your home is of utmost importance, so you want to maximize your coverage of natural disasters. Work with representatives at Options Insurance Agency to determine the proper value to handle severe storm damage. Additionally, ask if there are any riders you should include in the policy. 

Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Each state has its own requirements for the types of insurance a business must-have. In Pennsylvania, two types of commercial insurance are required for most businesses. If you do business in the state, you need to know about the necessary commercial insurance to operate legally. Call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA if you need commercial insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Pennsylvania, every business with employees must cover them with workers’ compensation insurance. That’s true no matter how many employees you have and whether they work full or part-time. This also includes seasonal workers. This insurance will pay for the medical help and lost wages that need to be paid after an employee has had an accident at work or developed a work-related illness. It can also cover legal costs if there are any. This insurance is vital because it protects your business from having to pay medical bills and other expenses in the event of an accident. It also protects employees, ensuring funds are available if they are injured. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Any vehicle in the state-owned by a private business must have a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy will pay for accidents that are caused by the vehicle. There are different types of coverage required to be included in the policy, including bodily injury liability, medical benefits, and property damage liability. There are two amounts of coverage required for bodily injury liability. These include an amount for one injured person and another for all injured people. 

Get Commercial Coverage

If you need commercial coverage, make sure your business has what has been mandated as well as any other policies that could be helpful. Call us at Options Insurance Agency in Hershey, PA to find out what commercial insurance you need. 

Does your auto policy provide the protection you need?

Hershey, PA area residents can rely on the team at Options Insurance Agency for all of their insurance needs. If you want to make sure that you have the protection you need, give us a call today.

Let’s review your auto policy today.

Having the right auto insurance is an integral part of responsible vehicle ownership. If you want to ensure that you have the protection you need, then it’s a great idea to give your policy a close review at least once a year. This can help you recognize and fix any gaps you may have in coverage. An inspection can also help you keep up with any changes in coverage that may occur over time. 

Without the right auto insurance, you can be left with financial liability that can be easily avoided. When reviewing your policy, make sure that you have adequate collision, liability, and medical expense coverage. Even having gaps in just one area can create problems down the road. 

Auto insurance can help you get your car repaired or replaced and provide protection from liability. And, if you are ever involved in an accident that causes injuries, you will want to have adequate medical expense coverage in place. Ensuring that you have the right coverage is easy to do when you sit down with a local agent. This allows them to understand your insurance needs better.

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Auto insurance features available in the Hershey area

Options Insurance Agency serves the insurance needs of the entire Hershey, PA area. If you are interested in learning more about the features and benefits that are available with an upgraded auto policy, call or stop by our office today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Auto insurance features are currently available in our area.

There are four primary features to look for when choosing an auto insurance policy. If it’s time to choose a policy, focus on these coverage types: property damage, bodily injury, collision, personal injury, and comprehensive protection. Your agent can help you determine which policy levels are right for your needs to get the protection you need.

After you’ve taken care of the necessities, you may want to consider add-on features that can provide more benefits:

  • Declining premium benefit – the longer you drive without a claim, the lower your premium payments go. In fact, you may even get to a point where you don’t have a premium at all!
  • Car rental reimbursement – if your vehicle is totaled or damaged due to a covered event, you may be without a car while it is repaired or replaced. Many people need reliable transportation to get through their daily lives and will need to rent an alternative vehicle. This benefit can reimburse you for those costs.
  • Roadside assistance – be prepared in the event of a breakdown!

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Is commercial insurance in Hershey necessary?

Any business that operates in the Hershey, PA area will find that there are a lot of great opportunities to be successful. While this can be an excellent community to start a business, it is vital that you continue to recognize various business risks. One of the ways that you can mitigate some of these risks is by getting commercial insurance. This coverage is necessary for multiple reasons.

Ensure Company Assets are Protected

Those that are going to start a business will always want to know that their money invested in the company is as well protected as possible. One of the best ways to protect the business is with commercial insurance. If you have this coverage, it can provide the support needed if your business loses assets in a fire or due to another type of loss. 

Insurance is an Obligation

Another reason you will need to have commercial coverage is that it could be an obligation. There are various situations when you will need to have this coverage. If you have taken out a bank loan, leased property from a third-party company, or raised money from outside investors, you will undoubtedly be required to carry commercial coverage. Maintaining this insurance will ensure you and your business remain appropriately covered to meet these requirements. 

A business in the Hershey, PA area will know that having insurance is a practical necessity. There are various reasons you should get this coverage, and you can find there are many options to consider. As you start looking for coverage, beginning your search with the Options Insurance Agency is a good idea. The professionals at the Options Insurance Agency can provide the guidance needed to build a policy that will adequately protect your organization. 

When will it be helpful to have home insurance in Hershey?

Those that reside in the Hershey, PA area can find it to be a great place to live. When you want to own a property in this area of the state, you also need to make sure that you are assessing all of your insurance needs properly. There are various situations when it can be helpful for someone to have home insurance when they are in this area. 

When Named in a Liability Claim

One situation when having home insurance will be a good idea is when you are named in a liability lawsuit. If there is an accident in your home that you are deemed responsible for, you could be held liable for damages incurred by the other party. If you do have home insurance, you should have insurance support to protect you against these types of claims. 

When You Incur Damages to your Property

You also will be happy to know that you have home insurance if you have incurred damages at your property. If your home has been damaged in any type of accident, the costs to fix your property can be significant. Fortunately, if you continue to maintain home insurance, you will have support to cover these costs. Your home insurance plan will give you coverage for losses you incurred for both your dwelling and your personal assets stored within it. 

If you have decided that you want to purchase a home in the Hershey, PA area, it would be a good idea for you to have coverage at all times. Those that are looking for insurance protection in this region should always call the Options Insurance Agency. The team with Options Insurance Agency can help you fully assess your options and choose a plan that will give the best support possible. 

Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Options Insurance Agency serving Hershey, PA is a commercial insurance provider. Their experienced agents can help you with commercial insurance policies to meet your needs. Commercial or business insurance has several benefits.

Protection of Assets

Commercial insurance allows you to protect your assets against unforeseen and accidental circumstances like theft and damage to your property by providing financial compensation in the event of a loss. Assets that you may choose to insure may include

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Stock

It is helpful to list the items you need insuring and their value before an appointment with your insurance agent.

Ask questions to make sure you are adequately covered.

Liability Protection

Financial protection from liability claims is another benefit of commercial insurance. If someone gets hurt using your product or while visiting your premises, there is the possibility of liability. Liability refers to legal responsibility. Accidents happen, and sometimes these events are beyond your control, and that is why having commercial liability insurance is always a good idea.

Another aspect of commercial liability insurance is workmen’s compensation. In Pennsylvania, an employer is responsible for an employee’s wages and medical bills if a work-related injury or disability prevents your employee from working.

Peace of Mind

Another benefit of commercial insurance is peace of mind. A business provides a livelihood for its owner and employees, making adequate and comprehensive commercial insurance a vital aspect of any business portfolio. While it is impossible to cover every possibility, you can arrange and pay for the right type of commercial insurance for you and your business, which will bring you peace of mind.

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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

Are you thinking about getting your car insured? Auto insurance is coverage that helps cover the damages and costs incurred in an accident, collision, or non-collision related. It also helps in claims when you are involved in an accident that causes physical injury to others. The following are some of the commonly asked questions about auto insurance. If you have any other questions or want to purchase an auto insurance policy in Hershey, PA, you can trust Options Insurance Agency for sound advice.

What coverage do I need?

In most states, car owners are required to have minimum liability coverage, but this may not be enough to cover the losses in case of an accident. As such, you need additional insurance coverage in case you have valuable personal assets and comprehensive cover for non- collision-related damages.

Can I minimize my car insurance costs?

Different factors affect the premium costs of a car insurance policy. However, you can reduce these premiums by installing safety features in your automobile and paying a higher deductible fee.

Do I qualify for insurance discounts?

Depending on your occupational group and your state of residence, you may be qualified for car insurance discounts. You also qualify for discounts if you have a low credit score and a clean driving record. Consult with your insurance provider to determine which discounts you are eligible for. 

What does car insurance cover?

Different categories of car insurance cover unique risk aspects. Liability coverage is for damages related to at-fault accidents and pays for property damage, repairs, and medical costs from injuries sustained as well as legal fees. There are additional optional coverages like collision, comprehensive, uninsured, and underinsured motorist coverages.

Is auto insurance mandatory?

Every state in the United States has a legal requirement that all car owners insure their cars with minimum liability coverage. However, insurance laws and regulations vary from state to state, so visit your local insurer for an auto liability policy.

If you have questions about auto insurance, Options Insurance Agency serving Hershey, PA, can help give some clarity and guide on choosing the most suitable coverage for you.